Wednesday, August 24, 2005

vision video

i'm so glad i'm a filmmaker in this town and not a musician. i went over to vision video and gave them a dvd of a movie i made, and the guy was all too happy to put it on the shelves to rent. he looked at it like he was 10 years old and it was a new g.i. joe action figure. maybe it was a put-on, but i doubt it.

now imagine if it was me as a local musician taking a copy of my album into a record store to ask if they'll sell it. i doubt i'd be greeted with the same enthusiasm. actually i know i wouldn't, 'cause i have been there.

i told the guy, if you think it sucks, it's ok to toss it in the trash. he kept stopping me, saying he's sure it's cool, and that he'll put it on the new releases shelf right away. he was actually smiling.

go in the record store and see if they're smiling.

Monday, August 22, 2005

weekend zombie mayhem

filmed half of my intro to "satan's house of yoga" yesterday. this half was the zombie attack, complete with a guy who shoots himself, and then the zombie girls eat his brains off the wall.