Monday, May 22, 2006


back in march, i set about the task of re-making one of our old VHS-C short films, "CANNIBAL SISTERS", for inclusion in this fall's release of "FACES OF SCHLOCK 3", which will end the series. the idea was to finally shoot on a 3-chip camera (i'm not counting our 2003 abortion "ANGEL SPIT") so it would have that pro look and sound that the other films in the SCHLOCK anthology do.

we shot 2 days in march, which constituted the bulk of the movie. things went really well, and we definitely upped the creep and gross-out factor from the original (which strangely enough remains a favorite among our small cult of fans, and always leaves an impression). in april, we filmed one day with horror author/photographer arinn dembo (, who drove 5 hours from tennesseee just to come work with us. she was amazing and we got what i consider the scariest footage EVER in a gonzoriffic production. we usually make comedies, but in each film there's some seriousness, some scene of horror. in this one, we wanted to definitely make it horrifying, and i think we managed to do it. check out the still i posted along with this entry.