Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Heather Dixon and Joe Trione graduate from kung fu comedy to expletive exploitation in their sophomore short film BLOOD ON THE GLASS SLIPPER, proving that true grindhouse-style moviemaking is best left in the hands of people with no money and nothing to lose, and that it takes more than putting fake dirt and scratches on your video to do it right. Beginning with the sound of screeching tires over a black title screen, SLIPPER is an excellent 16-minute homage to the rough-and-ready 70s classics LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT and I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE complete with bickering criminals and machete-wielding chicks out for bloody revenge. Trione once again gives a completely over the top performance as the head of the gang of kidnappers, verbally and physically assaulting anyone and anything that happens to be in the same frame as his character. You can tell he's seen the right movies and understands the audience for exploitation film very well. Heather Dixon and her busty counterpart Jessica Cox counteract Trione's energized antics with believable reactions and stone cold female badass when it's time to turn the tables. Combined with absolutely outstanding photography, editing and music placement, it all adds up to 16 minutes of honest to goodness intensity that's great not because the filmmakers purposely tried to make a "bad" movie but rather they succeeded in making a fucking brilliant one.

Watch this film in its entirety on YouTube here and don't be surprised if the next movie from Dixon and Trione finally gets them the credit they truly deserve.

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