Monday, May 25, 2009


Combining elements of "Dead Alive", "The Thing", "Story Of Ricky", "Evil Dead" and centering on good ol' vagina dentata, "Killer Pussy" delivers on a level that cheap horror films rarely get close to. Busty, scantily-clad (or no-clad) ladies pass the pussy parasite from one to the other, elaving not only the mutilated genitalia of hapless males in their wake, but also chewing off one of the guys' faces! Featuring several gooey fight scenes where clothing gets ripped off and gratuitous no-budget gore to match the exposed flesh pound for pound, this was one kept me entertained from start to finish. The version I saw had no subtitles, but they weren't necessary, because awesome is universal. This was made a good two or three years before "Teeth", and is in my opinion far superior.

NOTE: I have since purchased the film, and there are two DVD versions available for sale right now. The "Killer Pussy" version has no English subtitles, that's why it's cheaper. The "Sexual Parasite" version is a couple bucks more, but has the subs and features reversible cover art so you can still display that awesome title.



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