Thursday, May 01, 2008

Gonzoriffic Internerd Radio

It's not that I haven't been watching movies. It's not that I haven't been writing about them. Safari has been a bitch since the fall and all my attempts to upload artwork to correspond with my reviews have failed miserably. I don't get it. BUT ALL IS NOT LOST! Here's the plan, so hear me out:

First thing, Gonzoriffic Reviews has kinda gotten swallowed up by larger sites now giving attention to the sort of films that you used to only be able to find reviews for on small pages like mine. For years, info about said flicks existed only in the dark corners of the web, but no more. Since then, I have been thinking of ways to stay interesting and valid, trying not to let our original in-house productions overshadow the fact that I am still very much in love with no-budget cinema and cult film. I have also struggled with the fact that over the years I have become personal friends with many of the filmmakers whose work I championed on my site, and it became tough to seem unbiased. Writing about your buddies' movies all the time is just not the thing to do. Especially when they start to count on you for good reviews. I don't wanna be that guy, ever.
So right now, my plan is to see if streaming internet radio/podcasting is the right venue for me. There are tons of entertainment and even horror film based shows out there, but I have yet to stumble upon one that talks about the kind of films Gonzoriffic always covered on this site (and of course our huge Geocities archive). I have created gOnZoRiFFiC BlogTalkRadio and there are a couple of test shows available now, not as much film related as they are just figuring out how it works. In keeping with the time of day low-budget movies are most often viewed, the show will air weekly anywhere from 1 to 3am EST, and I have call-in capability that will allow me to have guests on and other such tomfoolery. I can also include purchase links for Amazon if you wanna actually buy one of the movies I talk about.

We'll see where this goes. If anyone's still reading, Thank you. I haven't forgotten and I have a TON of movies to talk about.


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