Thursday, May 10, 2007


Get this Italian-made WIP flick and fast-forward through all the standard fights, showers, lesbionics and body cavity inspections that litter the boring first hour. Trust me, it's all "eeew". You won't like it.

Once the ladies escape and run loose in town, this one gets good. In the final 20 minutes or so, there's not one but two of the most memorable dick-severing sequences in memory! That's right, they're not castrating fellas, they're cutting mister peepee OFF. One unlucky gentleman's member is thrown to the family dog to quiet it down (!!!) and another pays for his sex crimes by having his fed to him. I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE has nothing on BARE BEHIND BARS as far as this kind of thing goes, but that's about all it has to offer.

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