Monday, April 09, 2007


Third in a seemingly ongoing series of boobie-movies shot in the same house, H.R. Blueberry's THE BREASTFORD WIVES will look very familiar to those who have seen his previous flicks THE WITCHES OF BREASTWICK and LUST CONNECTION (said house also looks to be the same one 2003's CHEERLEADER MASSACRE was filmed in as well). While advertised as something of a spoof on STEPFORD WIVES, this movie is much closer to cable porn and only features one or two jokes. However, if you are looking for quality softcore tomfoolery, you'll feel like you hit the lotto if you catch this one on Skinemax. Husband and wife (Glori Ann Gilbert) show up in new neighborhood. Neighborhood is filled with nymphos. Guy does it with everybody except the other guy in the movie (a scientist who somehow created the nymphos).

The always likeable Gilbert (from LUST CONNECTION, VAMPS 2) leads a supporting cast that includes longtime Gonzoriffic favorite Julie K. Smith (BARE WENCH PROJECT, DALLAS CONNECTION) and a couple of hardcore porn stars, one of whom has a giant letter F tattooed on her crotch. Perhaps she's a Seame Street fan, I can't be sure. Gilbert and Smith turn in energetic, interesting performances as always, saving this movie from being just another tittyfest. The cast do it in the same wooded area, jacuzzi tub and hot tub where they do it in LUST CONNECTION and BREASTWICK. There's a lot of funny dialog but I don't think it was intentional. This movie plays more like porno than anything else Blueberry has made so far.


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julie k smith isn't in this movie breastfordwives,.. she's in lust connection... and witches of breastwick. which of course use the same house .

June 21, 2007 at 8:12:00 AM PDT  

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