Monday, April 09, 2007


I reviewed both previous entries in this series over at the old site, but this 2001 production somehow got by me till now. I saw it in the "erotic" section at my local video shop on VHS right near the Playboy and Girls Gone Wild stuff. No wonder I never saw it.

Not much new here but if you like boobies, particularly those of Julie K Smith, this is the film for you. The setup, events and humor are exactly the same as the other 2 movies: a group of bikini models with an aversion to keeping their tops on venture into the woods searching for the legendary Bare Wench, along the way abusing and amusing Lunk (Lenny Juliano), their pack mule. The original film's Julie K Smith is back, this time as "Zoe", leading the expedition in breast size and Wench-hunting know-how, and she's joined by her SURVIVORS EXPOSED (aka BARENAKED SURVIVOR) castmate Shauna O' Brien and some others I didn't recognize. Nikki Fritz and Julie Strain both make great cameos, as does the late Andy Sidairs returning as shopkeeper Richard "Dick" Bigdickian.

This is the kind of fun stuff you don't see near enough of these days. Sure they keep makingthe same movie over and over, but if it's a good movie you won't have any complaints from me. Keep Smith as close to the camera as often as possible and they can make a hundered of these. According to IMDB, this one was followed by BARE WENCH PROJECT: UNCENSORED in 2003 and BARE WENCH: THE FINAL CHAPTER in 2005. If anyone knows where I can get these, leave a comment.


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