Tuesday, January 16, 2007


New DVD label Camp Motion Pictures is releasing Jon McBride's 1998 shot-on-VHS gore fiesta CANNIBAL CAMPOUT this month along with its predecessor WOODCHIPPER MASSACRE. Both films have been given great transfers and extras with the cooperation of the filmmakers, and best of all the original poster art is used for the DVD sleeve.

While fans of Tromatic grade-Z splatter flicks will dig the film for its violent and cheesy content, it's today's DV horror filmmakers that should really be checking this disc out. The selling point here is director McBride's feature-length commentary track detailing just what it was like to make a film like this. In many ways, not much has changed: he had to deal with the same issues with nonprofessional crew and actors as well as cheap fx and location problems that any low-budget filmmaker today faces. However, the fascinating part comes with McBride's detailing of shooting with a VHS camcorder (some of you remember how heavy these were), using its on-board mic for sound, and deck-to-deck editing. We sometimes take for granted the fact that editing on a computer is such a breeze, and this track puts it all in perspective. McBride's a smart guy with a great sense of humor, and filmmakers can learn a lot from listening to him.

Check it out.


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