Monday, November 06, 2006


I don't have Bravo or IFC so I didn't see the PROJECT GREENLIGHT series that documented the production of FEAST, and unfortunately it didn't end up being included anywhere on this disc either. Not sure if there was some kind of problem, or they wanted the film to stand on its own, or perhaps they thought the audience's perception of the film would change if they saw all of what went into making it, but luckily we at least get a few extras (including commentary by the director and behind-the-scenes) that place this at least a little bit above your average dumped-to-video horror film.

FEAST isn't as pedal-to-the-metal as the flicks it is obviously influenced by (FROM DUSK TIL DAWN, DEAD ALIVE and RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD), but it's an excellent horror movie filled with tons of over the top gore and creature effects that will surprise you at times with just how gross things get. I'd put it above average in terms of shocks and humor for such a major release, especially since the trend these days is towards torture-horror like HOSTEL. Famous faces like Balthazar Getty, Jason Mewes, Henry Rollins (in pink sweatpants!) and Judah Friedlander are present along with cult favorites Duane Whitaker and Clu Gulager (whose foul mouth one-ups his classic character "Burt" from RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD), but the female cast is truly outstanding and have the most interesting roles. Ravi Nawat and Krista Allen, who are mainly TV actors, are given the hero roles while most of the men are either idiots or pussies! I support that.

While at times this movie is choked by over-stylization and an all-too-obvious need to do what the audience isn't expecting, I loved the steady tempo and the old-school practical makeup fx/gore by Gary J. Tuncliffe (HELLRAISER, MIMIC, WISHMASTER and CANDYMAN vet) that coats basically every frame of this movie with slime or maggots or blood or monster sperm. That's right, monster sperm. But the best part of all, being that I'm a huge fan of the original RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, was the ever-presence of Clu Gulager. His son John directed FEAST and wisely put dad in a major role and let him do what he does best. I recommend this to fans of ROTLD if nothing else, just to see the man in action again.


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