Monday, August 28, 2006


Anyone who's attracted to women described as chunky, fat, plump, rubenesque, chubby or BBW and has spent any time on the web checking them out has probably run into the whole "feeders/gainers" thing at one point or another. Personally, I find it a bit fucked-up, just because the whole relationship is based on someone with low self-esteem doing awful things to their body just to feel wanted and loved by men who get off on holding that kind of power over a woman. Unlike websites that celebrate natural beauty and acceptance, the idea behind this stuff is just as dangerous and starving yourself and/or puking because you wanna be skinny. However, I gotta admit, this made an intriguing premise for a horror/crime thriller, so I was extremely curious about Brett (LAWNMOWER MAN, VIRTUOSITY) Leonard's latest flick, FEED.

Unfortunately after a solid, intense, freaky-as-all-get-out opening sequence that wowed me to no end in terms of content, photography and editing, FEED turned into a pretty standard cop chasing psycho kind of a film that doesn't make with the good stuff again until the climax of the movie, which contains a very shocking moment of unexpected violence. It's a shame Leonard and company couldn't maintain the intensity and tone they'd pulled off so well in the beginning and end scenes. The special fx makeup on the "gainer" (Gabby Millgate, "Joanie" from MURIEL'S WEDDING) is just convincing enough to really really work, and her performance is nice and over-the-top just like I like 'em. And again, the idea of someone eating and eating until they're so huge they can't even get out of bed is just really disturbing. Google it - this shit is real.

Those of you looking for a creative entry in the tired crime thriller genre might enjoy this, especially if you've never heard of or are curious about the wild world of fetish on the web. Horror fans who are considering picking this up based on the quotes on the cover box raving about how "sick" this film is are gonna find themselves disappointed. It was worth the rental for the beginning and end, and for all the scenes involving the fake fat woman. Don't watch while eating!


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