Monday, August 28, 2006


Well, it finally happened. After 6 years on Yahoo Geocities, I finally maxed out the allowable amount of disk space they grant to free accounts, and had to make a choice. When I started gonzoriffic reviews, it was of the only places on the net where you could find reviews for the kind of cheap films relegated to late-night pay cable TV or the dark corners of roughshod mom & pop video stores, but now there are tons of cult film review web pages (nicer and more frequently updated than mine, I should note) easily available on the web.

However, as long as I keep getting screeners, and as long as I can find time to write about the movies I watch, I'll be posting my thoughts on them here. The Geocities site is still getting a significant number of hits each day, so apparently the old dog still has something to offer.




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